Changing the Diagnostic Landscape


I am Dr. Francis

Patients rely on me and my staff for quick, trustworthy medical attention. I don’t want to sacrifice accuracy for faster results—a fast and accurate diagnosis drives appropriate treatment decisions.


  • Space is always limited so I don’t have room for a large machine
  • I need an in-office solution for urgent diagnostic needs
  • My staff is not trained to handle complicated testing equipment
  • I need to deliver an accurate diagnosis to avoid complications and avoid the unnecessary prescription of antibiotics


The cobas® Liat® PCR System

Rapid results, plus the reliable accuracy of PCR technology, support your efforts to give patients the right diagnosis, right away.

  • Perfectly suited for locations with limited space
  • Able to deliver definitive results in 20 minutes or less
  • Fully-automated PCR solution that requires minimal hands-on time
  • Designed with internal controls to provide repeatable, reliable results.
  • No special training required

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