Point of Care

I am Diane

I am Diane

The pharmacy clinic I work in is always busy, especially during the winter season—people often come to me when they’re first showing symptoms. As a healthcare provider, I see it as my responsibility to do all I can help my customers when they need it most.


  • There is limited space in the clinic so adding a large machine is not possible
  • Customers deserve the best care possible, that means not having to wait for a diagnosis
  • Complex diagnostic machines require extensive technical training
  • I want to be sure I am giving people the right advice so accuracy is important


The cobas® Liat® PCR System

Elevate your point of care with the reliable accuracy of PCR analysis.

  • Small enough to be used in locations with limited space
  • Fast turnaround times of 15 minutes for Strep A, and 20 minutes for Influenza A/B and Influenza A/B & RSV
  • Easy to use with no extensive training required
  • Lab-quality PCR analysis ensures quality results

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